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Activating Marketing Knowledge

Audience-Insights powered Marketing

Marketing Consulting from Berlin

Expert implementation of your target audience insights


A passionate and creative leader, I offer in-depth and hands-on experience in developing successful marketing programmes – powered by audience insights. Programmes that build loyalty and market share. I help clients successfully implement their consumer insights, even in more difficult circumstances, with a focussed and flexible approach. I specialise in identifying and leveraging strategic opportunities, drawing from particular ­­­­­expertise in applying insights, above all in the areas of target audience needs, motivations, and behavioural change.

Our Offer & Case studies

Pinpoint the targeting of your services and products

Our Proposition

We guide you and your company as you navigate the vast potential of marketing and translate consumer insights into action, define target audiences and consumer segments, boost customer experience, realise change and strategic transformation tasks – as well as support in operational execution and project management.

Case Studies

Our case studies illustrate the benefits clients have had from their collaboration with us. Discover the various ways in which we can support you – and more information on the consulting offer.

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Michaela Bergenthal stands out from the consulting crowd with a tailored approach. We can even help structure your topics and clarify the most important challenges with key target audiences in mind.

Realise ­added value for yourself and your company by making decisions that align with your target groups, while planning and setting in motion the marketing activities that stick. We would be delighted to advise and assist you!