Uhren & Schmuck - Case Studies

Prioritisation of Target Groups

Client’s Challenge

The client’s ambitious mid-term targets required alignment to new target groups and coordination across various business units.


  • Global user segmentation was developed based on needs and attitudes, together with an international market research organisation.
  • Creation of presentation material, personas, and mood boards, to establish a consistent understanding within the company and a new way of addressing the target groups.
  • A roadshow was used to present ideas to the internal stakeholders and to instigate innovative product, marketing, and sales activities.
  • Collaboration with analytics specialists to develop an algorithm for identifying target groups in databases and other studies.

Outcome and Impact

  • The management team focused the expansion strategy on three out of eight consumer segments.
  • A company-wide initiative was set in motion, enabling various units to align themselves to the requirements of the target groups.
  • Brand positioning was tweaked to better address the target group needs.
  • Most of the ambitious development objectives were achieved.
  • Segmentation served as a compass to guide the business unit for five years.