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Better Customer Experience for Greater Loyalty

Client’s Challenge

Determining reasons for variations in purchase frequency and shopping cart size and using these insights to develop activities to retain customers.


  • Working with a specialist agency to carry out customer journey interviews and analyses.
  • Identification of the most important journey types, user expectations, key moments, and touchpoints to improve the customer experience and address pain points.
  • Collaboration with key stakeholders to establish strategic implications.
  • Hosting a range of workshops to introduce strategic adjustments and to derive potential measures.
  • Testing revised promotional tools.

Outcome and Impact

  • Introduction of a holistic approach towards customer experience thinking and behaviour.
  • Reprioritisation of non-seasonal key moments for ongoing strategic service development.
  • Realignment of sales promotion measures to suit user expectations in different journey types.
  • Focus on switcher-specific KPIs to measure loyalty improvement.