Consumer Elektronik

Transformation through Intelligence Learning Network

Client’s Challenge

A staff survey conducted on the regional market research department’s internal clients uncovered a need for action. To improve satisfaction with the department and credibility of research results. It was predicted that upcoming challenges for the market research department could not be overcome with the current staff development measures. Staff development had to be accelerated.


  • After a target-actual assessment, a seminar was developed with the help of a trainer to teach staff how to use practical tools, and to establish a network for mutual support.
  • Coaching on how to apply learned skills and boost persuasive power of the team members.
  • A yearly conference for specialists was introduced, to exchange experience and case studies.
  • Creation of an intranet site with self-learning components (videos, checklists, and team tasks), also used to store best-practice and lessons-learned documents.

Outcome and Impact

  • The approach was globally adopted and became the basis for an international, virtual centre of excellence.
  • A repeat survey of internal clients showed clear improvements, especially in the “Reliable Point of Contact for Consumer Needs” category.